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  • “I am OBSESSED with the turmeric scrub I got! It not only smells amazing but it leaves my skin feeling so soft, has helped lighten my dark spots and armpits!”

    - Jasmyn M.

  • These scrubs! 😍 I use the scrub twice a week and love the results already! My skin just looks renewed and brighter! ✨

    -Michele S.

  • First of all, let me say! If you guys haven’t ordered your products yet, you’re missing out! The palo santos beard oil definitely put my beard over the top! Smell isn’t too overwhelming! They offer the wash as well! The alpha un scented beard wash is pretty filling on the beard and washed out nicely. The sandalwood vanilla sugar scrub smell is on point!!! Can’t go wrong with these! ✊🏽✊🏽 I can’t wait to add to the collection.

    - D. Thompson

  • Have you seen my skin 😆?! I LOVE IT!!

    - Kofi A.

  • My beard is soft af now! I don’t think it’s ever been this soft lol.

    - Luis F.

  • Every man knows your beard is a journey and the Alpha line definitely makes for a smooth ride. All the products in the Alpha line are made from natural ingredients, which means a lot to me. Even more the light balm and oils are not greasy but hold moisture all day. As for the wash.... 🙌🏽🔥 A little goes a long way and you will notice a difference after the first wash. My only issue with my first purchase was that I didn't buy more Sage Balm. The scent is understated and calming. Can't wait to buy the body butters for the ladies in the family as holiday stocking stuffers. That Sandalwood scent is first on the list!!! Can't wait to share this gem with my friends and family.

    - Royce T

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What temperature should products be stored?

We recommend storing your products in a cool dry climate, unless it’s a sugar scrub or shower gel.

When do the products expire?

Shower Gels 6 months - Buttahs 12 months - Oils 12 months - Scrubs 9 months

My Buttah melted, is it ruined?

No it just lost its whipped texture but not it’s goodness! Pop it in the fridge for a while so it can resolidify and you’re good to go!

Can I use the sugar scrubs on my face?

I wouldn’t recommend using anything outside of our face collection on your face to keep from possibly risking a breakout.